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Choose the Perfect Homestead

Purchasing a homestead property is a significant decision, so it's crucial to do your homework and pick a plot of land that will satisfy your needs, support your ambitions, and serve as your family's forever home. Here are some suggestions I've come up with to assist you locate the ideal homestead property in the American Redoubt.

Determine your priorities: Before you start looking for a homestead property, it's important to determine what you're looking for. Make a list! Some factors to consider are size, location, climate, and available resources. For example, if you plan to grow your own food, you'll want to look for a property with good soil and a suitable climate for growing, like the “banana belt” around Bonner’s Ferry. Depending on what livestock you’ll want to have, if any, we should consider larger acreage. Kids still go to school? Maybe something closer to town would be a better fit… The main point here is: There’s no “perfect set of qualities” without knowing more about the client’s specific needs… Chose your Realtor wisely, someone who is living your dream, doing what you want to do, and has strong experience in consulting with clients for a farm, ranch or homestead.

Water is life: One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a homestead property is the water supply. Look for a property with a reliable source of water, such as a strong well or a year-around stream, and make sure the water is of good quality. For serious homesteaders, having a creek that runs through your property is a game changer, and most would not even consider a property without a lake, pond, creek or some other type of water body in it. And don’t forget to check the water rights… Some places impose many restrictions on water usage, so beware… Applying for your own Water Rights in Idaho is an easy process; make sure your Realtor understands the process and is willing to help.

Look for land with potential: It's important to find a piece of real estate that fits your current needs, but it's also vital to take future growth into consideration. Choose a property that has room for expansion and can support any possible future projects you may have, such as upgrading your home or building additional outbuildings. This idea not only applies to physical space but also for septic systems, your well's output, the property's southern exposure, year-around access, security concerns, etc...

Log construction is unique in many aspects!

Check for zoning and building restrictions: Before purchasing a homestead site (with a home, or vacant land), it is always important to check with the county to see if there are any zoning or building restrictions. Before you buy something, you must be informed of any potential problems since these can vary depending on the place, and for that reason being assisted with a knowledgeable Real Estate Agent can be the difference between living your dream homestead life or being stuck with a property that can’t meet your needs because of restrictions of any kind, HOAs, and what not...

Get a professional inspection: It's a smart idea to have a qualified inspector examine the property for any possible issues before you complete the purchasing of a homestead property. In doing so, you may buy with confidence knowing that the property is in good shape. This certainly applies to vacant land as well as a home with acreage.

Take a stroll through the area: If you are planning to live on your homestead site, it's a wise idea to stroll through the area and get a sense of the locals' way of life, likes and dislikes, and sometimes even political views just by looking at their front gate from a distance… Our country’s flag is all over the place in the American Redoubt :). This will let you once again decide if the area is appropriate for you and your family. Not only driving around the area (scouting it...) but also walking the property before making a formal offer is strongly suggested.

Homesteading is a fantastic method to live sustainably and grow your own food, offering not only privacy but also security and peace of mind. It's key to pick a property that will serve your needs and assist you in accomplishing your goals. Before considering a purchase, focus on aspects including location, climate, resources, water supply, and zoning and building regulations. You may find the ideal homestead property for you and your family with a bit of exploration and thought, and of course, if you need some expert advice, we’re one call away!

Any comments or questions? Drop us a note!

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