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3 Years Living with Solar - TESTIMONIAL

Guest post from a client - For the past three years, I have only used solar to power my property. I switched to solar energy because I was becoming increasingly worried about how traditional energy sources might fail or be interrupted for no apparent reason. I am so glad that I made the transition because it has allowed me to save money on my energy costs (often reducing it to zero) and also be fully self-reliable when it comes to powering my home. In the 3 years since I installed everything, I have been blessed with zero failures or broken equipment.

I conducted extensive research on various solar panel systems and energy storage possibilities when I originally made the decision to switch to solar energy. I carefully considered my options and decided to create a system that would give me enough energy to run my appliances, heating systems (the winter in North Idaho is no joke!), and still have some extra capacity if the need arises... Although my primary source of heat is the wood stove (15 cords of wood stored!), the solar system lights the house, powers the appliances and runs my little woodshop easily.

My solar panel system has been operating well since the installation, which was surprisingly easy. The system has worked well, and it has produced more energy than I had anticipated. I regularly produce more energy than I need to power my property, and I even have surplus that could sell back to the grid if I were connected to it, which I opted not to do so...

I don't have to worry about power outages or other service interruptions, which is one of the best aspects about relying primarily on solar energy. As a backup, I have propane generators and propane heaters. So I never have to worry about losing power since I have also installed the battery backup system that kicks in at night, or if I have some kind of failure on the solar system. Extended cloudy days (limited solar generation), I just kick on the generator for an hour or two, charging the batteries back to 100%.

Relating to financial savings, I've been able to make big financial savings on my energy costs. In just three years, my solar panel system is nearly paid for from the savings I receive not paying the electric company. But peace of mind and self-reliance is priceless for me, and were the main reasons to choose solar instead of remaining with on-grid power. Overall, I'm happy that I chose to switch to solar energy. I've been able to save money, lessen my impact on the environment, and feel more secure knowing that I have a consistent source of energy, which is vital when you live in a remote location.

In conclusion, I have had a good experience using solar energy and would never even think of going back to the grid. Anyone who wants to take charge of their energy and help create a more sustainable future should make this wise decision as a part of a broader homesteading plan.

Any questions or comments, drop a note!

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