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As back-end and marketing support, I am responsible for the website updates and other top-secret programming tasks! (Just rewording it because back-end programming is never sexy... That's marketing, right?) 

I currently live overseas and I know exactly the importance of having someone you can trust in a long-distance commercial situation. From my perspective, in the Real Estate industry nowadays it is no longer enough to just "talk the talk", one must also "walk the walk", and this is what our team is all about. 


Complementary to the "Boots on the Ground" work that Eric does, from behind the desk I'll make sure the links are working, the server is always up and running and your property's requirements are properly delivered to the right hands, so communications always flow smoothly.


Scouting, browsing, visiting, selecting, and moving to a new property - and very often a completely new state - is definitely not easy and requires many compound small efforts. Focus on the important side of scouting and I'll make sure website and connection problems never cross your mind.

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