I am an accomplished small business owner with over 30 years of experience in highly targeted, customer service-related fields.  My time working with major oil companies, food manufacturers and financial institutions has given me a broad knowledge-base.  I’ve found my work history was an ideal starting point for tackling the many issues related to acquiring and maintaining properties suitable to support a sustainable lifestyle.  

I’ve lived in North Idaho for 12 years, developing relationships with experts in excavation, building, electrical, HVAC, stoves, water resources, gardening, and sustainable lifestyle planning.  These relationships have been invaluable, ensuring that things are done properly right from the onset, in order to obtain the most favorable results.  I have personally gone through the processes of acquiring and developing vacant land.  I designed and installed infrastructure, supervised/site-managed the building of my home and shop and am now maintaining acreage.  


I fully understand exactly what it takes to transition from one state and lifestyle to a completely different one.  I know the pitfalls, the roadblocks, the small wins and the triumphs, because I’ve been through them myself. Becoming a Real Estate agent three years ago seemed like a natural next step for me.

Living and working in this region has afforded me the opportunity to follow my passions of enjoying the outdoors, hunting, fishing and meeting great new people.  Neighborliness has new meaning here in North Idaho, as we work together, helping one another while still appreciating and respecting personal boundaries. 

I offer you my experience and insight to help make your transition to North Idaho as seamless as possible. It is my aim to level out some of the steep learning curves you could encounter when moving to this area. I look forward to assisting you in finding the ideal property that meets your needs and desires.

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