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Find your dream home in Northern Idaho

Purchasing a house out-of-state can be a daunting experience, even for seasoned buyers.

As your Redoubt Scouts and licensed Realtors, it is our purpose to make this process

as simple and stream-lined as possible. 

We specialize in liaising with out-of-state clients and matching them with exceptional

real estate opportunities throughout Northern Idaho.

Satellite photos can only get you so far. 

We are your boots on the ground and your eyes in the sky. 

Our team constantly checks local real estate markets on your behalf,

selecting the opportunities that best match your unique needs and preferences.  

We personally scout your property choices and report back to you.

This ensures you are in possession of all the facts you'll need

to make a smart investment with confidence. 

Our process also saves you time, money, and a significant number of headaches.

As your personal Redoubt Scouts, we leverage extensive experience with industry know-how, local connections and unparalleled attention to detail.  Rather than flying or driving long hours to get here to scout and survey properties yourself, we quickly get to work, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision...before your trip even starts.


Discover your dream out-of-state property with Redoubt Scout
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Why us?


The Personal Touch

Planning an out-of-state real estate purchase can quickly get expensive.  Taking days off work to drive to the site, paying for accommodation, gas and food can be worth it, if it's the property of your dreams, but how can you really be certain judging from a vague MLS description or a satellite photo?

At Redoubt Scout, our mission is to make the process of buying out-of-state property as straightforward and rewarding as possible, ensuring you only travel to the area once we've discovered a real estate offering that precisely matches your needs and requirements .

Planning a scouting mission of your own to check out Idaho?  We'd be happy to meet you and help you see all of the important highlights. 

Save Time & Money

When you use Redoubt Scout, you can have your cake and eat it too.

First, we gain complete insight into your options and needs, so that we don't waste your money on unnecessary visits.

In addition to extensive online research, we're also ready to investigate every crevice of the property on your behalf.  Summer or winter, along paved roads or muddy forest tracks, we're not afraid to get our boots dirty! 

We are happy to scout remote forest and mountain region properties, as well as the rural and town properties.

Accurate Information
is Crucial

As part of our on-site scouting, we will provide you with whatever you need to know about the property - from detailed sketches of the rooms, property layout and outbuildings, to aerial and satellite images, soil reports, solar potential, water rights and well logs, as well as tax info.  If you want to know everything about the further development of your land, we can ensure you receive detailed reports of CCRs and HoAs, as well as gardening, solar evaluation and permaculture consultations.

We make sure to offer you our thorough local knowledge in order to help you better understand the location and its vicinity.  In addition, we can provide helpful comments based on previous experiences and on-site investigations.




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